Volume 28, Issue 2, July-December 2023

The Impact of Charismatic Leadership towards Social Comparison and Award Driven Behaviour of the Leader with the Moderating Effect of Narcissism Behaviour
Authors:B H W Wijesinghe, A K L Jayawardana
Keywords:Charismatic Leadership Theory, Theory of Narcissism, Theory of Social Comparison, Benign envy, Malicious envy, Awards, Destructiveness

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New Product Development, Management Controls and Strategy in a Manufacturing Firm: From the Lens of the Actor-Network Theory
Authors:Thakshana Jayarathna, Tharusha Gooneratne
Keywords:Management control practices, Cross-functional team members, New product development, Actor-Network theory, Case study

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Factors Influencing the Knowledge Sharing Behaviour of Employees in the Aviation Industry: The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy
Authors:K A P Malake, Ajantha S. Dharmasiri
Keywords:Aviation industry, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing, Theory of reasoned action, Theory of self-efficacy

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The Impact of Data Quality Management: A Concept Paper on the Banking Industry in Oman
Authors:P V Nadeesha Hemachandra Perera, M Hafeez Marikkar
Keywords:Data quality management, Theory of creative destruction, Theory of social constructivism, Regulatory compliance, Banking system architecture, Employee skill development.

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Identification of Influencing Factors on the Intention to Use QR Code Centered Payment Solutions in the Banking Industry in Sri Lanka
Authors:Prakash Chamika Hewawasam, Trevor Mendis
Keywords:Quick response (QR) code centred payments, Theory of reasoned action, Innovation resistance theory, Intention to use

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