Volume 28, Issue 1, January-June 2023

The Determinants of Individual Investment Decisions: A Qualitative Inquiry
Authors:M. A. S. H. Sugathapala, Samantha Rathnayake
Keywords:Financial literacy, Investment decisions,

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Impact of Social Media Influencers' Credibility on Millennial Consumers' Green Purchasing Behaviour: A Study on Personal and Social Identities
Authors:Arani Rodrigo , Trevor Mendis
Keywords:Personal identity, Social identity, Green purchasing intention, Green Purchasing Behaviour, Social Media Influences

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Investigating the Impact of Serendipitous Information and Scarcity Messages on the Online Impulse Buying Behaviour of Consumers in the Apparel Industry of Sri Lanka: The Mediating Role of the Urge to Buy Impulsively
Authors:Asanga Ranasinghe, Chok Nyen Vui
Keywords:Serendipitous information, Scarcity messages, Urge to buy impulsively, Online impulse buying behaviour, Stimulus organism response (S-O-R) model

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Employee Engagement of Millennials in the "New Normal": A Study of Sri Lankan Professionals
Authors:Ajantha S. Dharmasiri, Tharindu Ameresekere, Keshawa Perera
Keywords:Employee engagement, Millennials, New normal, Employee engagement model

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Paradoxes of Collusion in Accounting and Auditing from the Financial Fraud Perspective; A Conceptual Paper for a Paradigm Shift in Forensic Accounting
Authors:P.O. De Silva, K.G.M Nanayakkara
Keywords:Collusion, Forensic accounting, Group psycho- behaviour, Group paradoxes

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