Volume 1, Issue 1, January-March 1996

Some reflections on the socio-cultural dimensions of management
Authors:Carson, John J.
Keywords:Dimensions of Sri Lankan society; culture

Executive styles: left -brain vs right brain dimensions
Authors:Nanayakkara, Gunapala
Keywords:Brain skill development; left and right brain skills

Work centrality and job satisfaction: Applicability of the protestant work ethic in the Sri Lankan context
Authors:Ranasinghe, Sudatta
Keywords:Work values; work centrality

Femininity as a managerial value
Authors:Liyanage, Uditha P.
Keywords:Organizational performance; feminine qualities; masculine qualities

European Economic integration-bad news for developing countries?
Authors:Gundlach, Erich
Keywords:Economic integration; single market; developing countries

Planning process in Sri Lankan export firms and their stage of development
Authors:Fonseka, A. T.
Keywords:Sri Lankan export firms; planning process

Risk analysis: a study of beta factors and some strategic considerations
Authors:Fonseka, K. B. M.
Keywords:Beta factor

Restructuring of public sector banks India
Authors:Sbinde, S. R.
Keywords:Public sector banks; India

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