Volume 27, Issue 2, July-December 2022

The Impact of Psychological Contract Breach on Employee Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Generation Y and Generation Z in Relation to the Banking Sector in Sri Lanka
Authors:Dushan Perera, Ajantha S. Dharmasiri
Keywords:Psychological contract breach, Reneging, Disruption, Incongruence, Employee performance, Generational cohorts.

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A Journey through Management Accounting Change by the Implementation of Strategic Budgeting: A Case study
Authors:Nisali Shavindya, Tharusha Gooneratne
Keywords:Traditional budgeting, Strategic budgeting, Qualitative methodology, Single case study, Cobb et al. (1995) model

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A Comparative Study of Cross- Cultural Values on the Standardised Approach to Knowledge Management
Authors:Mayuri Menike Atapattu
Keywords:Cross cultural values, Universal KM approach, Knowledge based organisations and KM engagement

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Determinants of Continuous Usage Intention of Mobile Apps in Online Shopping in the Western Province of Sri Lanka
Authors:T A Rupasinghe, R Senathiraja
Keywords:Mobile apps, Continuous usage intention, Customer online journey, Customer experience, Confirmation, Task technology fitness, Satisfaction, Perceived usefulness

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The Adaptability of Postgraduate Students to a Foreign Environment with Particular Reference to the Japanese Cultural Context
Authors:R P C K Jayasinghe, R B P M Rathnayake
Keywords:Foreign students, Adaptability, Academic life, Japanese language, Socio-cultural context, Psychological and general living issues

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