Volume 27, Issue 1, January-June 2022

The Impact of Charismatic Leadership and Computer Self-Efficacy on HRIS User Acceptance and HRIS Use Behaviour
Authors:A H U Perera, A K L Jayawardana
Keywords:Charismatic leadership, Computer self-efficacy, HRIS user acceptance, HRIS use behaviour

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Adaptive Behaviour Related to Mobile Applications: Multiple Theoretical Perspectives
Authors:Jayani Hewavitharana, Gayan Jayakody
Keywords:Mobile apps, Adaptive behaviour, Multiple perspectives, Gender

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The Factors Influencing Virtual Team Project Development Success in Software Product Companies: A Qualitative Inquiry
Authors:Thashma R Abeysinghe, Travis Perera
Keywords:Virtual teams, Virtual team project development success, The design and development process, Decision quality and speed, Team sentiments and team interactions

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Green Human Resource Management: A Bibliometric Investigation into the State of the Art
Authors:P Mathushan
Keywords:Green human resource management, Environmental performance, Sustainability Bibliometric analysis

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The Impact of Institutional Actors' Moral Capacities on Their Symbolic Compliance with Reforms: A Theoretical Explanation
Authors:Chani Vasana Imbulgoda
Keywords:Actors’ moral capacities, Institutional work, Neo-Institutional theory, Quality assurance in higher education, Reforms, Symbolic compliance

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