Volume 20, Issue 3,4 July - December 2015

Integration of the Rational, Political and Justice Models of Performance Appraisals: The case of the Sri Lankan Public Sector
Authors:Dharshani Thennakoon, Pavithra Kailasapathy
Keywords:Due-process of performance appraisals, User interpretation, User manipulation, Purposes of performance appraisals, Social Rule System Theory

Analysis of House Purchase Intention
Authors:H M L P Karunarathne, R G Ariyawansa
Keywords:Consumer buying behaviour, Housing market, Purchase intention, Self-concept, Reference group influence, Theory of self-congruity, Information influences, Normative influences

E-cart Abandonment Behaviour: The Moderating Effect of Trust
Authors:G H B A De Silva, W M J I Wijayanayake
Keywords:Theory of Planned Behaviour, Trust, Purchase Intention, Buying Behaviour, Online buying, Abandonment.

Exploring the Youth Entrepreneurial Risk Behaviour from a Cognitive Perspective
Authors:Gayathri Ranasinghe, Saskia de Klerk
Keywords:Social Networks, Cognitive Biases, Risk Behaviour, Social Network Theory, Social Cognitive Theory, Individual Opportunity Nexus Theory, Youth Entrepreneur, Risk Perception, Risk Propensity.

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