Volume 25, Issue 1, January-June 2020

Basic Human Values and Customer Perceived Values Towards Green Purchase Intention
Authors:V K Colombage, Nilakshi W K Galahitiyawe
Keywords:Green purchase intention, Customer perceived value, Human values, PERVAL scale.

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The Effect of Corporate Financial Performance and Board Diversity on Corporate Social Performance
Authors:T P Rathnasuriya
Keywords:Financial performance, Social performance, Slack resource theory, Financial slack, Board diversity, PLS-SEM.

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Extended Person–Environment Fit and Psychological Well–Being
Authors:M K Dinithi Padmasiri, Pavithra Kailasapathy
Keywords:Person–Environment Fit, Person–Job Fit, Person–Organization Fit, Person–Group Fit, Person–Supervisor Fit, Person–Family Fit, Psychological Well–Being.

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Determinants of Ethical Decision Making in Organisations: An Extension to the Monetary Intelligence Theory
Authors:D M S Dissanayake
Keywords:Unethical decision making, Monetary intelligence theory, Personal sense of power, Love of money, Machiavellianism, Locus of control.

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