Volume 24, Issue 2, July-December 2019

The Impact of an Identity Based Destination Image on Destination Loyalty: with Special Reference to Sri Lanka as a Tourist Destination
Authors:Lakmal, H M Aminda
Keywords:Destination branding, CBBE model, Identity based destination image, Destination loyalty, Brand community associations.

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Scale Development: Measuring Job-Family Incivility
Authors:Mahalekamge, W. G. S. Galahitiyawe, Nilakshi W. K.
Keywords:Family incivility, Job-family incivility, Scale development, Workplace incivility.

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Flex-Work and Work-Life Balance: Effects of Role Conflicts and Work-Life Support Organizational Culture
Authors:Weerasinghe, T. D. Jayawardana, A. K. L.
Keywords:Flex-work, Work-life balance, Role conflicts, Work-life support culture, Flex-workers.

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Leadership Enactment for Information System Acceptance: an Explanation from a Sensemaking Perspective
Authors:Dayanatha, Aruna Jayakody, J. A. S. K.
Keywords:IS success, Sensemaking, Sensegiving, Theory of enactment, Leadership enactment, Shared meaning, IS acceptance.

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