Volume 22, Issue 2, July-December 2017

Effects of Social Capital, Human Capital and the Family-Work Conflict on Perceived Female Career Development.
Authors:Jayaratne, W. G. N.; Dharmasiri, Ajantha S.
Keywords:Career development, Human capital, Social capital, Family-Work conflict

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Religiosity and Consumer Ethical Beliefs.
Authors:Rathnayake, D. T.; Jayakody, J. A. S. K.; Jayawardana, A. K. L.
Keywords:Consumer ethical beliefs, Religiosity, Extrinsic religiosity, Intrinsic religiosity, Quest religiosity

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The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance: The Effect of Easy Access to Capital and Managerial Ownership.
Authors:Sandaruwan, H. M. T. G. C.; Ajward, Roshan.
Keywords:Corporate social responsibility, Financial performance, Easy access to capital, Managerial ownership

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The Effect of a Team's Knowledge Management Practices on Team Performance.
Authors:Basnayake, W. B. M. D.
Keywords:Knowledge retention (KR), Knowledge management practices (KMP), Team performance (TP), Transformational leadership (TL), Knowledge based view (KBV) theory, Sustainable competitive advantage (SCA)

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