Volume 21, Issue 1, January-June 2016

The role of emotional intelligence on workplace bullying and individuals' work performance
Authors:Gunawardena, W. A. M. S. U.; Galahitiyawa, Nilakshi W. K.
Keywords:Emotional Intelligence, Individual’s Work Performance, Person-related bullying, Workplace Bullying, Work-related bullying.

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Generation Y and their job performance
Authors:Ranaweera, U. M. Chrishanthi ; Dharmasiri, Ajantha S.
Keywords:In role behaviour, Supervisor support, Co-worker support, Supervisory communication, Co- worker communication, Job performance

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Consumer engagement with social media, brand equity and intention to purchase
Authors:Ekanayake, Sangeeth; Abeysekera, Nalin
Keywords:Consumer engagement, Social media, Brand equity, Intention to purchase, Sri Lankan fashion retailing.

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Employee engagement through HRM practices: The impact of organizational support and individual differences
Authors:De Silva, Mangala; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
Keywords:Employee engagement, HRM practices, Perceived organizational support, Norm of reciprocity, Self-efficacy, Social exchange

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