Volume 20, Issue 1,2 January-June 2015

A study of the factors affecting Web 2.0 Technology adaption for knowledge sharing in the Sri Lankan IT Industry
Authors:Gibson, R. S. A.; Dharmasiri, Ajantha S.
Keywords:Knowledge Sharing Intention; Perceived Organizational Support (POS); Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU); Trust; Social Exchange Theory (SET); Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

Ownership Types, Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance: The Mediating Effect of Corporate Governance Practices
Authors:Mapitiya, Gayan S.
Keywords:Ownership Types; Corporate Governance; Corporate Performance; Widely Held; Closely Held; Agency Theory; Board of Directors

Factors affecting the success of coopetition in the Sri Lankan Banking Industry
Authors:Perera, C. T. S. N.; Weerawardena, R. T.; Fonseka, A. T.
Keywords:Coopetition; Competition; Cooperation; Trust; Mutual Benefits; Commitment; Resource Compatibility; Power Balance

Innovation in SMEs in the Tourism Industry
Authors:Perera, M. D. S.; Perera, Travis
Keywords:Innovation; Entrepreneurial Orientation; Knowledge Management; SMEs; Tourism Sector; Hospitality Industry

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