Volume 19, Issue 1,2 January-June 2014

Intrinsic factors affecting entrepreneurial intention and intended behaviour among MBA students
Authors:Ranmuthugala, M. H. P.; Sathkumara, S. M. N. A.; Perera, Travis
Keywords:Entrepreneurship; MBA students; Internal Value System; Subjective Norms; Self-Efficacy; Entrepreneurial Mind-Set; SME Growth

Empirical relationship between money demand and interest rates in Sri Lanka
Authors:Padmasiri, R. C. P.; Banda, Dayaratna O. G.
Keywords:Money Demand; Interest Rates; Baumol-Tobin Model; Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model; Error Correction Model-Sri Lanka

Growth determinants of small enterprises (SEs) in Sri Lanka comparison of sales and employee growth models
Authors:Nishantha, B.
Keywords:SEs; Firm's growth; Sales Growth Model; Employee Growth Model-Sri Lanka

Leadership and follower outcomes: The moderating effect of follower promotion focus
Authors:Ahamed, Feroz et al.
Keywords:Charisma; Leadership; Follower Outcome; Regulatory Focus-Sri Lanka

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