Volume 18, Issue 1,2 January-June 2013

Factors Influencing the efficiency of Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka
Authors:Bandaranayake, Samangie; Jayasinghe, Prabhath
Keywords:Bank Efficiency; Commercial Banks; Bank-Specific Factors; Operating Environment Factors; Net Interest Margin; Return on Average Assets

The impact of contextual factors on the entrepreneurial intent of IT undergraduates: A Sri Lankan Perspective
Authors:Rizvi, Isma; Fernando, Yohanna; Ishaq, Mafaz
Keywords:Information Technology; Contextual Factors; Sri Lankan Undergraduates; Entrepreneurial Intent

Barriers to women's entrepreneurship: SME Sector in Sri Lanka
Authors:Wijeyeratnam, I.P.W.; Perera, Travis
Keywords:Women Entrepreneurship; Barriers to Success; Strategic; Individual Characteristics, SMEs

Emotional labour and work-family interference conflict of front-line employees
Authors:Perera, Anuradhika; Kailasapathy, Pavithra
Keywords:Emotional Labour; Work-Family Interference; Emotional Exhaustion; Airline Industry; Front-Line Employees

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