Volume 17, Issue 3,4 July-December 2012

Participative decision making (PDM) and work outcomes: A study of the Sri Lankan Commercial Banking Sector
Authors:Pathirana, R.P
Keywords:Banking Sector-Sri Lanka; Participative Decision Making

Value investment strategy under stock market conditions
Authors:Pathirawasam, Chandrapala
Keywords:Colombo Stock Exchange; Growth Stocks; Value Premium; Value Stocks

Consumers' decision making styles (CDMS) of mobile phone purchases among university level students in Pakistan
Authors:Kalhoro, Sabir Hussain; Khan, Faiza Sami; Mehmood, Raja Wasif
Keywords:Mobile Phone Purchases; University Students-Pakistan

Self-discrepancy theory of charismatic leadership
Authors:Jayakody, J.A.S.k
Keywords:Charismatic Leadership

Factors impeding effective use of human resource information systems (HRIS) in local banks in Sri Lanka
Authors:Srirwardene, A.S; Dharmasiri, A.S
Keywords:HRIS; Local Banks-Sri Lanka

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