Volume 16, Issue 1,2 January-June 2011

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Context of Trade and Economic Development
Authors:De Silva, Dharma
Keywords:FDI; International Production; Economic Growth; absorptive capacity; competitiveness; productivity; TNC/MNC; BRIC; BRICKS(Brazil; Russia; India; China; Korea; South Africa) TRIAD’s JUG(Japan, USA, Germany); CHINDIA (China and India) and Sri Lanka BOI & FDI.

Impact of Individual and Task-related Characteristics on Perceived Team Effectiveness of Software Development Teams
Authors:Perera, Udayangi; Fonseka, A.T.
Keywords:Software Development Teams; Team Effectiveness; Person-Task Fit

An Overview of UK Higher Education Institutional Characteristics
Authors:Ahmed, Jashim Uddin
Keywords:higher education; teaching and research; old university; new university and higher education institutions; UK

Impact of ISO 9001 Core Principles on Work Outcomes and Customer Satisfaction in Sri Lankan Manufacturing Organizations
Authors:Durairatnam, Sakunthala Narangoda, Samanthie Jayawardana, A.K.L.
Keywords:Quality Management System; Core principles of ISO 9001; Social and Economic exchange; Work outcomes; Customer satisfaction

A Study of Knowledge Sharing Practices of Civil Society Organizations in Sri Lanka
Authors:Dharmasiri, Ajantha S. Kodeeswaran, Sutheshna
Keywords:Civil Society Organizations; Intra-Organizational Knowledge Sharing

Factors Affecting Product Quality in the Software Development Industry of Sri Lanka
Authors:Jayawarna, Sahan Fonseka,A.T.
Keywords:Sri Lanka's Software Development Industry, Software Product Quality

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