Volume 9, Issue 1,2 January-June 2004

Developmental Stage of the Sri Lankan Economy and the Development Challenge
Authors:Fonseka, A. T.
Keywords:Sri Lankan Economy; Stages of Development

Economic Time-Based HRM: A Study of India Organisations
Authors:Ramkumar, R.; Sirinivasan, P. T.
Keywords:HR Policies; Indian Organizations

Globalization,Export-led Industrialization and economic growth:Evidence from sri lanka`s experience
Authors:Meewalaarachchi,Mangalika S
Keywords:Export-Led Industrial Transformation; Export Oriented Industries-Sri Lanka

Factors Affecting Nursing Productivity: Lessons for Managers
Authors:Samaranayake,Aluvihare Dilini S
Keywords:Nursing Productivity

Evaluating and Granding of Performance a Framework for Hospitals
Authors:Sardana, G. D.
Keywords:Hospital Management; Grading Systems; Performance Evaluation

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