Volume 12, Issue 1,2 Combined January-June 2007 and Volume 11, Issue 3,4 Combined July-December 2006

Tsunami Challenged: PIM`s Response Action
Authors:Nanayakkara, Gunapala
Keywords:Post-Tsunami Reconstruction; Tsunami Development Projects

Action Learning Initiatives
Authors:Liyanage, Uditha
Keywords:Tsunami Disaster Management

The Asian Tsunami and Problem -Based Learning for Postgraduate Students in Sri Lanka
Authors:Jayawardana, A.K.L.; O`Donnell, Michael
Keywords:Problem-Based Learning; Asian Tsunami; MBA Curriculum; Disaster Management; Managerial Skills

Dieng in Disaster: A Case of Transformational Leadership and a Postgraduate Institute of Management Responding to the Tsunami
Authors:Perera, Travis
Keywords:Transformational Leadership; Disaster Management

The Waves Came Crashing: A Salutation to Colleagues in Sri Lanka for Bettering the Lives of the Post-Tsunami Poor
Authors:Reade, Carol
Keywords:Sri Lanka; Tsunami; Poverty; Management Education; Action Research; Problem-Based Learning; Service Learning

Study of Leadership Roles Played by Tsunami Camp Volunteers
Authors:Dharmasiri, Ajantha
Keywords:Contextual Factors; Disaster; Leadership; Personality Factors

Assessment of the Success of Governments` Emergency Relief Programme in Matara District
Authors:Fonseka, A.T.
Keywords:Emergency Relief Programme

Creative Destruction and the Aftermath of the Tsunami: Recovery of Southern Sri Lankan Small Business in the Face of Inertia
Authors:Perera, Travis
Keywords:Recovery of Small Business

Summaries of Some Projects Undertaken by Student Groups
Keywords:Boat Manufacturing; Housing; Manufacturing; Saanchi Jaadi; Pre-School

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