Volume 3, Issue 1

Political environment of public administration in Sri Lanka: fifty years of change
Authors:Perera, K. L. J. B.
Keywords:Public administration

Integrating technology and human resource development for high performance manufacturing
Authors:Jayawardana, A. K. L.
Keywords:Human resource development

Pecking order of financing: empirical evidence in the Sri Lankan capital market
Authors:Senaratne, Samanthi
Keywords:Capital market Sri Lanka

Cultural dynamics of leadership: a monographic study of functional and dysfunctional forms
Authors:Alawattage, C. G.
Keywords:Cultural dynamics; Leadership; dysfunctionality

Jungian personality types and customer orientation
Authors:Rathnasiri, H.C.
Keywords:Customer orientation; Jungian personality

Impact of job stress of job satisfaction among the middle managers of the commercial banking sector
Authors:Harees, M. L.
Keywords:Job stress; Job satisfaction

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