Volume 14, Issue 2, April-June 2009

Visionary Leadership and the Case of Dilmah
Authors:Fonseka, D. C.
Keywords:Vision; leadership; Values; Ethics

Adoption of Information and Communication Technology in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Synthesis of Literature
Authors:Nandan, Shefali
Keywords:E-Business; Information and Communication Technology; Small and Medium Enterprises; ICT; SMEs

Advertising Freedom and Customer Decision Making
Authors:Gunaratne, Sujeewa
Keywords:Advertising Regulations; Customer Decisions; Misleading Advertising

Branding a Commodity: The Case of Triumph
Authors:Wickramasinghe, T. T.; Liyanage, Uditha
Keywords:Branding; Commodity; Value

The Influence of Gender on the Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support and work Outcomes in the Sri Lankan Insurance Industry
Authors:Dharmasiri, N. B.; Weeratunga, U. V. A.; Jayawardana, A. K. L.
Keywords:Organizational Support; Work Outcomes; Commitment; Job Satisfaction; Turnover Intentions

Factors Affecting the Low Adoption of Management Accounting Practices in Sri Lankan Business Organizations
Authors:Subasinghe, Janaka; Fonseka, A.T.
Keywords:Management Accounting Practices; Subordination; Organizational Culture; Planning; Top Management

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