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# Year Issue Author(s) Topic
1922011Volume 16, Number 1,2 January-June 2011Durairatnam, Sakunthala Narangoda, Samanthie Jayawardana, A.K.L.Impact of ISO 9001 Core Principles on Work Outcomes and Customer Satisfaction in Sri Lankan Manufacturing OrganizationsArticle
1912011Volume 16, Number 1,2 January-June 2011Ahmed, Jashim UddinAn Overview of UK Higher Education Institutional CharacteristicsArticle
1902011Volume 16, Number 1,2 January-June 2011Perera, Udayangi; Fonseka, A.T.Impact of Individual and Task-related Characteristics on Perceived Team Effectiveness of Software Development TeamsArticle
1892011Volume 16, Number 1,2 January-June 2011De Silva, DharmaForeign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Context of Trade and Economic DevelopmentArticle
1882010Volume 15, Number 2,3,4 April-December 2010Jayawardana, ChandanaEconomic aspects of the ancient irrigation system of Sri LankaArticle
1872010Volume 15, Number 2,3,4 April-December 2010Islam, Nazrul; Habib, WahidulThe relationship between psychological contract of Telecom executives and the working environment: A case of Citycell and Teletalk companies in BangladeshArticle
1862010Volume 15, Number 2,3,4 April-December 2010Liyanage, K.D.P.T; Wijesinghe, K.L.R.; Fonseka, A.TFactors contributing to the sustainability of 5S in Sri Lankan organizationsArticle
1852010Volume 15, Number 2,3,4 April-December 2010Dharmaratne, G.S.K.; Jayawardana, A.K.L.; Gunatunga, M.WIntegrated logistic support and equipment availability in government hospitals of a developing countryArticle
1842010Volume 15, Number 2,3,4 April-December 2010Dias, Piyumi; Fonseka, A.T.Decision making delays with regard to IT investments in Sri Lankan organizationsArticle
1832010Volume 15, Number 2,3,4 April-December 2010Ananth, A.; Ramesh, R; Prabaharan, BA service gap analysis in private sector banks : an Empirical study of customers' Expectations vs. perceptionsArticle