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# Year Issue Author(s) Topic
541998Volume 3, Number 3,4 July-December 1998Fonseka, A. T.Garment industry of Sri Lanka: challenges and responsesArticle
531998Volume 3, Number 3,4 July-December 1998Satharasinghe, HarshanieExport competitiveness of the desiccated coconut industry of Sri Lanka: formulation of policies/strategiesArticle
521998Volume 3, Number 3,4 July-December 1998Samarakoone, Lalith P.An index to measure the performance of the Sri Lankan treasury bond marketArticle
511998Volume 3, Number 3,4 July-December 1998Samarakoone, Lalith P.Indices to measure the performance of the Sri Lankan corporate bond marketArticle
501998Volume 3, Number 3,4 July-December 1998Liyanage, Uditha P.Goods-Services dichotomy : the place of the tangibility constructArticle
491998Volume 3, Number 3,4 July-December 1998Xavier, M. J. ; Ramachander, S.The pursuit of immortality: beyond the competitiveness paradigmArticle
481998Volume 3, Number 1,2 January-June 1998Harees, M. L.Impact of job stress of job satisfaction among the middle managers of the commercial banking sectorArticle
471998Volume 3, Number 1,2 January-June 1998Rathnasiri, H.C.Jungian personality types and customer orientationArticle
461998Volume 3, Number 1,2 January-June 1998Alawattage, C. G.Cultural dynamics of leadership: a monographic study of functional and dysfunctional formsArticle
451998Volume 3, Number 1,2 January-June 1998Senaratne, SamanthiPecking order of financing: empirical evidence in the Sri Lankan capital marketArticle