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# Year Issue Author(s) Topic
742000Volume 5, Number 3,4 July-December 2000Somasundaram,ChelvieEmotional Intelligence and Charismatic LeadershipArticle
732000Volume 5, Number 3,4 July-December 2000Fonseka,A TSri Lanka in the Global Economy:Challenges for Organizational LeadersArticle
722000Volume 5, Number 1,2 January-June 2000Wijewardena, Hema; De Zoysa, Anura; Fonseka, T.; Perera, B.Factors Contributing to the Success of Manufacturing Enterprises in Sri Lanka:An Empirical InvestigationArticle
712000Volume 5, Number 1,2 January-June 2000Aponso, G.P.N.Adopting Technical and Human Systems for Productivity Enhancement in ManufacturingArticle
702000Volume 5, Number 1,2 January-June 2000De Silva,DharmaAsia Rejoins the Globalization OdysseyArticle
692000Volume 5, Number 1,2 January-June 2000Evans ,David P;Hood Penelope J; Perera, WilfredA Critical Analysis of School Leadership and Staff Empowerment in Two Different Cultural Settings to TestArticle
682000Volume 5, Number 1,2 January-June 2000Outschoorn, Annemarie D.Strategies to enhance the competitiveness of the tea industry of Sri LankaArticle
672000Volume 5, Number 1,2 January-June 2000Ekanayake, SamsonAgency theory and its implications for research in management control systemsArticle
661999Volume 4, Number 3,4 July-December 1999Paranawithana, Lakna ; Fonseka A. T.Impact of interpersonal relations on career success of Sri Lankan managers in the private sectorArticle
651999Volume 4, Number 3,4 July-December 1999Xavier,M JBody, Mind and the Soul: Integrating spirituality into managementArticle